Sarah and Tim, what can we say about this couple! That Saturday in July we laughed, held our breath, and even cried together. We walked into their wedding as photographers and walked out as friends. The wedding took place in the fabulous Wasing Park, Aldermaston on the hottest day of the year!

From the moment we arrived we knew this would be one very special day. A feeling of real family love and emotion ran through the day, and although some people were no longer with us, their spirit permeated the entire day, and there were signs that couldn’t be accounted for by pure coincidence (Sarah will know what I mean). It was a day built on love.

Tim comes alive when he looks at Sarah. He looks like a cat that got the cream! Sarah is a very beautiful girl; however it is more than that. She is his best friend. Tim is funny, whitty and popular. One of the good guys, and he is deeply loved. Together they will have a great life together, because quite clearly meant for each other!

There are many special things to remember about the event but My God, this was one hot day!! By midday it was 33C and nowhere to hide! The intensity of the sun meant we had to be ultra-careful with location of the couple shots. These conditions are perhaps the toughest for any wedding photographer and it helps a lot when you are working with a couple who are real troupers and won’t let the weather get in the way of a perfect shot.

Now enjoy seeing a lot of pretty, cute, pink and butterflies, Congratulation Mr & Mrs Hawes!