This was our second visit to Lyddington in Rutland and we love it up there! So quintessentially English and rural, with a true sense of identity and the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. Erica and Jim wear their hearts on their sleeves, exuding openness and kindness. This is another great example of meticulous planning and attention to detail which resulted in a wedding that was elegant and fun with traditional touches. Reception was held in a huge marquee set up in the back garden of the Old White Heart pub, with imaginative chandeliers incorporating suspended flower vases, a gorgeous summer garden brought indoors, and a giant crossroad sign!

We were lucky to have such a wonderful setting inside because the weather was far from perfect. It rained with 60 mile an hour winds but it couldn’t spoil the fun. The smiles never left people’s faces, the party was in full swing, we ducked and dodged the rain to get some lovely pictures. The best thing about working that day was this real sense of camaraderie, us against the elements. We loved the fact that Erica and Jim were so laid back and could laugh at almost anything. We also had to keep our sense of humor in tact as the car broke down that morning and we didn’t get home until 2:30am due to road closures! Still, wouldn’t miss this one for the world. It was great!

Congratulations to Erica & Jim! We wish you lifelong happiness together!