The last wedding of the season always feels special and Dawn & Richard’s wedding last September was no exception.
One of our favorite things about them is their ability to let those around them simply enjoy themselves. They didn’t fuss over small stuff and just let their wedding day run free! It felt great being there!
The couple’s overall inspiration for the wedding was the color lavender. The purple hues added to the atmosphere of romantic love, warmth, and a feeling of family! Beautiful bridal bouquet, adorable personal presents, funky dancing! While all of these things are wonderful in their own right it’s the fact that we were witnessing a really touching and emotional wedding day that will stay with us.
One of the most moving moments was created when Dawn’s mother walked her down the aisle. Of course, everyone thought of Dawn’s father who would’ve been proud to give his girl away but surely was watching from the heavens above.
We were treated to a lovely meal sitting among the guests which was a great honour and it made us feel extremely welcome. The speeches caused both, laughter and tears, where a bride’s father was greatly missed and the groom spoke so eloquently of his love and absolute devotion for his new wife.
We hope everyone will enjoy viewing their story and their photographs from their wedding day and we wish our beautiful couple lifelong happiness together!